Landscape Rock Pricing

Product Pricing

Decorative Rock

Apache Brown

3/8" Minus                          $38.50/ton

3/8" Screened                     $63.50/ton

5/8" Screened                     $62.50/ton

7/8" Screened                     $62.50/ton

Apache Red

1/2" Screened                     $64.75/ton

1"  Screened                        $64.75/ton

Desert Brown

1/2" Screened                     $64.75/ton

3/4" Screened                     $68.80/ton

Desert Rose

1/2" Screened                     $53.95/ton

3/4" Screened                     $53.95/ton

Gila Brown

1/2" Screened                     $67.50/ton

1" Screened                         $65.95/ton

Madison Gold

1/4" Minus                             $43.50/ton

1/2" Washed                         $70.75/ton

3/4" Screened                     $63.50/ton

McKenna Gold

1/4" Minus                            $35.95/ton

1/2" Sized                              $58.75/ton

3/4" Sized                             $59.95/ton


Minus: Contains a lot of fines.

Screened: Up to 60% to 80% of fines have

been sifted out.

Washed: Products have been washed to

remove majority of fines.

Decorative Rock

Pink Coral

1/4" Minus                   $35.95/ton

1/2" Screened            $69.50/ton

3/4" Screened           $70.75/ton

San Tan Grey

1/4" Minus                $29.95/ton

1/2" Screened           $57.50/ton

1" Screened              $56.50/ton

Sunset Gold

3/8" Minus                $29.95/ton

1/2" Screened           $55.50/ton

3/4" Screened           $53.95/ton

Table Mesa Brown

3/8" Minus                $62.50/ton

1/2" Screened           $88.75/ton

1" Screened              $88.75/ton


Riverside Rock & Boulder L.L.C. strives to sell highest quality products. Landscape materials are products created by nature, so sizing and color variations can occur. Our natural stone products are sold with no warranties and are non-refundable.



Rip Rap & Boulders

Rip Rap

Apache Brown 3" to 8"           $71.95/ton

Autumn Red 3" to 10"             $55.50/ton

San Tan Grey 4" to 8"              $65.95/ton

Table Mesa Brown 3" to 6"   $93.50/ton


Desert Rose $.10 Per Pound

San Tan Grey $0.10 Per Pound

Surface Select $.12 Per Pound

Sand & Cement Products

ABC                                                $33.50/ton


Mortar Sand                            $40.75/ton

Mortar Mix (80 lb. bag)     $13.95/each

Concrete Sand                       $34.75/ton

Concrete Mix                          $26.50/ton

Silica Sand (50lb. bag).       $10.20/bag

Artificial Turf

100 oz.        $2.25/Sq. ft.

Putting       $2.35/Sq. ft.

River Rock Products

Pea Gravel 3/8" Washed     $41.95/ton

River Rock 1/2" to 1"               $41.95/ton

River Rock 1" to 3"                   $40.75/ton

River Rock 3" to 8" Mixed   $44.50/ton

Soil Products

Fill Dirt                          $21.95/ton

Screened Dirt           $23.95/ton

Bulk Premium Potting Soil  $67.50/yard

Bulk Mulch                $29.95/yard

Product Disposal

Asphalt $15.00 per ton


Without Rebar    $10.00/ton

With Rebar         $15.00/ton

Tree Trimmings $60.00 per ton

Clean Fill Dirt FREE

Concrete Pavers, and Supplies

Belgard and Acker-Stone products

Please call for availability:
(480) 892-2023

Landscape Supplies

1 Ton Bag                            $50 each

Portland Cement (80lb. Bag) $13.50 each

Mortar Mix (80lb. Bag)    $13.95 each


We offer delivery all over the valley, call to get a quote today.

Please call for pricing on paver deliveries. Pricing is based on mileage and quantity of product delivered.

9 tons or less

1-5 miles         $50

6-10 miles       $60

11-15 miles      $70

16-20 miles     $80

20+ miles       Call for quote

10 tons or more (within 10 miles) FREE


If a debit or credit card is used for purchases, there will be an additional 3.5% added to the total.

All products will contain a 3% fuel charge that will be added to the final total.

Other Decorative Rock Products

Other decorative rock products are available by request and require a quote per order

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